Why Santa Fe, New Mexico Might be Right for You.

Full disclosure, I have been a part-time resident of Santa Fe for almost 13 years, so you might say I’m a bit biased.

However, as many of you know, I have been fortunate to have visited 125 countries around the world and there is something about Santa Fe that has constantly pulled me into its magic.

I first went there as a young twenty-something to visit some friends who had moved there from New York. As a child of the East Coast, I was flabbergasted at how different it was from anything I had ever experienced. Yes, it was the light, but it was also the smells of piñon in the air and the mix of Hispanic, Native American, and Anglo cultures that give this town its special ambiance.  

If you are a lifelong learner, you can take classes at the Santa Fe Art Institute, the Santa Fe photo workshops, or St. John’s College. If you like history, there are over 12 museums there. If you like art, Santa Fe has over 250 galleries. The food scene is superb (not to mention the many types of margaritas). When I’m there, I hike on the many trails available, ski in the winter, and run the backroads that are ideal for biking too.

Santa Fe is intoxicating and seductive in a very subtle and spiritual way. It seeps into your skin and soul in a way that is hard to explain. I’ve heard so many stories of people who have gone there and then decided to pull up the stakes and move there full-time! It just happened again on my flight there for Thanksgiving, when I met a couple who spent time visiting many places around the country to relocate and chose Santa Fe as their new home. It’s the perfect place to do your next phase of “Re-Imagineering.” 

In midlife, so many of us think about where we might like to visit or spend an extended amount of time, or actually move to for the second half of our lives. When people ask me, in one line explain why I picked Santa Fe. My answer is always, “Because my soul lives there. Everything that it has to offer fills my soul with happiness and satisfaction.” If you haven’t been to Santa Fe yet, put it on your list for 2023! I promise you, it will seduce you too.

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Meet the Author

Michael Clinton is a best-selling author, new longevity expert, thought leader, and keynote speaker on the changing face of what it means to live longer. He is also a writer-at-large for Esquire, and regular columnist for Men’s Health. A former president and publishing director of Hearst Magazines, he now serves as the special media advisor to the Hearst Corporation’s CEO.

He is also a photographer, has traveled through 124 countries, has run marathons on 7 continents, has started a nonprofit foundation, is a private pilot, is a part owner of a vineyard in Argentina, holds two master’s degrees, and still has a long list of life experiences that he plans to tackle.