10 places that you must visit

You can imagine how hard it is to pick 10 places, as there are many more I would suggest!   I’m going to assume you’ve been to popular places like New York, Miami, London, and Paris.  So, here goes….

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Because it is one of the most unique cities in the USA with something for everyone…culture, art, food, outdoor activities from hiking to skiing and those big gorgeous blue and sunny skies of New Mexico. Margaritas at sunset, a walk-up Canyon Road, visiting one of the 10 museums and more than 250 art galleries!


There is so much to do in this stunning country from enjoying the sophistication of Buenos Aires, vineyard hopping in the wine country of Mendoza, and exploring the marvels of Patagonia. A trip to Bariloche or the Perito Moreno Glacier will let you marvel at the wide-open spaces in this gem of South America. Make sure that you have an asado at an estancia to have the full Argentine experience.

United Arab Emirates

To visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi is to see what a true 21st-century city looks like.  In these desert emirates, you’ll see the future in architecture, technology, design, new types of museums, and more. Everyone has to experience this once and make sure to fly either Emirates or Etihad to get there. Both of these airlines have defined what flying should be.


I didn’t know what to expect and I was completely captivated by its history, literature, and poetic sensibility. Edinburgh is a captivating city so plan to drive to Inverness with a side trip to hike Ben Nevis, a visit to the Isle of Skye with a stop at Talisker. Have a meal at the Three Chimneys and a walk on the grounds of the Battle of Culloden.  There were moments during my visit that brought me to tears due to its sheer beauty and welcoming attitude.


You won’t go to any place that is more remote and you realize that when you land between mountains on the one landing strip in the country located in Paro. You can trek to the Aman resorts or do it the old-fashioned way as we did with a guide and sherpas that took us on long treks into the mountains where we set up tents and slept above the clouds.

You’ll breathe some of the cleanest air on earth and hike some of the most majestic trails anywhere in this small country tucked between Tibet and India.

Sri Lanka

At the tip of India, this jewel of a nation packed with so much to do will delight you. Start in the city of Kandy and then travel to the ancient cities, including a hike to the top of Sigiriya (say hello to the monkeys who will welcome you). Head into the country’s tea-growing highlands, then down to Galle, a resort city on the Indian Ocean, followed by a trip to Yala National Park. This country shouldn’t be an add-on to India, but rather a trip on its own.

South Africa

I’ve been all over southern and eastern Africa and could go on and on about Namibia and Kilimanjaro and the Ngorongoro Crater, but then there is South Africa.  The people are incredible, as is Capetown, one of the most beautiful cities on earth. A side trip to Stellenbosch, the wine country, and of course a safari of your choice. Make the drive down to the Cape of Good Hope (make sure you take the M4 route) for breathtaking views.

New Zealand

You may have figured out that I tend to like adventure and outdoorsy destinations (although I can be persuaded to take a luxe trip too). The challenge you’ll have with a trip to NZ is deciding what to do, as there are so many choices. I’ll always put Queenstown on the list with the trip to Milford Sound (take a helicopter back and land on a glacier on the trip home). There are national parks, glaciers for any outdoor activity you will want. I like the charm of Napier and the Hawke’s Bay area (wine country) and a night or two in Auckland won’t disappoint either.


Speaking of adventure, I’ve been there twice, first to step on my 7th. continent and 100th country and then to run the Antarctica Marathon to cap off 7 marathons on 7 continents! What can I say? You will be humbled by its grandeur and its fragility. You will be in awe of the penguin colonies and the whales and sea lions. You’ll live on a ship, but one night we slept out in the open air on the ice shelf and it will be with me forever.


When people ask me, “If I can only go to one place where should I go?”  My answer is always Italy. It has everything you would want in an experience..  history, art, culture, ancient sites, outdoor activities, splendid cities and small towns and wonderful people. I’ve been there over 100 times (true story) for work and for vacation. I’ll be your travel agent helping you customize your itinerary. Va Bene!

What’s on your travel list?  Don’t waste any more time…. kick that Wanderlust into full gear.

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